Intensely Practical, Intensely Zen

June 18, 2012 § 15 Comments

For many of us, self-forgiveness is the greatest challenge.  We look back and see our mistakes.  We can’t believe we were so stupid, so lazy, such a fool, so unworthy.

We often manifest that self-judgment by crappy behavior towards others- projecting arrogance, dealing out harsh judgments.  On the surface, this crappy behavior seems the antithesis of self-doubt.  But that arrogance and those harsh judgments are all born from our own self-loathing.

The great and wondrous thing about staying in the present moment is that it frees us from this pointless and corrosive way of being.  Whatever we did, or failed to do, before is gone.  All we have is this moment.  In this way we cut off the oxygen of our self-judgment and all the negativity it spawns.

Many people think the Zen and Tao lessons are just fuzzy New Age mumbo-jumbo.   That’s wrong.

Try this.  Be self aware and the next time you start to beat yourself up over what you did or didn’t do, just stop.  Exhale.  Reboot.  Recall that each moment is a fresh start.  Feel the freedom, feel the strength return.

It’s a glorious thing.

Intensely practical, intensely Zen.

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§ 15 Responses to Intensely Practical, Intensely Zen

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